Robin Monks' Collection of Things

By Robin Monks

I'm a total techie, and will use this newsletter to share cool things I've found that help me be a better technical leader, discoveries of new technologies and things I find cool for my hobbies as well.

I'm the Director of Engineering at and been designing and building big things for over a decade. I'm an amateur radio operator with callsign VA7WFN.

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Robin #7 - My Podcast Listening for Summer 2021

A newly released podcast, Haunted Road takes on a narrative interview format where the host (Amy Bruni) asks someone with a connection to the haunted location questions about their experiences. Amy was a producer of the TV shows Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunt…


Robin Nerds Out On Movie Theater Sound: How does Dolby Digital work?

Dolby Stereo used the space of a standard-width mono optical track to encode two discrete stereo channels that could be computed through matrix decoding into 4 channels. If the theater didn't support Dolby Stereo, the tracks would be backwards-compatible to e…


Lessons I Learned From My First Commercial Product: Uninterruptible User Flow

The old saying goes “you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink”. That’s horses, but if a human wants water everything you offer them must be in direct and expected aid of the goal they have in mind, or they will ignore it.At HotSpot Parking we tr…


Robin’s Collection of Things #4: Tools I Love

It's been a few weeks! I'm back from a staycation I took to reflect and rest. During this time the situation in Brazil has seriously worsened and is providing an example of what happens when governments don't step in to quell the spread of COVID19.Sadly, desp…


Robin's Collection of Things #3: Physical security, MVNOs and Heat Pumps

Am I the only one that thinks these look like Alien skeletons about to come back to life after a thousand years? No? OK.


Robin's Collection of Things #2: Cold War Tech, Decision Making Tools, Open Source CRM

Other things crossing my browser tabs this week that you might find exciting:SuiteCRM, an open source CRM tool that's been getting nicer, because Salesforce and Hubspot suck.Flectra is also an all-in-one business ERP and CRM as an alternative.Untools, tools f…


Launching a newsletter!

Why? Because I can, and you should subscribe. I'll share some technical tricks and cool things I've discovered from across my online travels every Sunday.Someone on TikTok showed off how to make an automatic license plate reader for the highway beside his hou…