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Robin’s Collection of Things #4: Tools I Love

Robin Monks
Robin Monks
It’s been a few weeks! I’m back from a staycation I took to reflect and rest. During this time the situation in Brazil has seriously worsened and is providing an example of what happens when governments don’t step in to quell the spread of COVID19.
Sadly, despite this evidence of what happens when you totally reopen and ignore the virus, those who have been privileged to live in areas that took the pandemic more seriously have continued to protest and downplay the seriousness.
I find myself becoming increasingly tired as I see so many people behaving in ways that could cause this pandemic to rage even longer, potentially inviting new and dangerous variants as the virus continues to spread. The combination of anger and sadness can sometimes feel overwhelming; so in an attempt to share something unrelated to the state of the world I wanted to share some tools I love that you might enjoy too.
Web Tools
SongWhip: SongWhip is a service that takes any music URL and provides the URLs for every other common service. It’s a great way to provide general links or to convert between services (like Spotify to Apple Music)
Outline: Outline does a good job of simplifying articles for sharing (and I’ve used it above). It can also get around some paywalls. You can just add HTTP:// in front of an article to create a easily readable version.
YouT-ube: Add a dash after the T in YouTube to get a full-screen, ad-free, no-nonsense version of a youtube video for sharing.
SecureShip: Ships parcels for about half retail price. No idea how they work out these bulk deals with carriers, but also don’t feel a need to ask too many questions.
PrivacyTools: A list of privacy-preserving tools that can replace tools that monetize your data.
iOS Apps
Overcast: The best podcast player I’ve used. If you’re using Apple Podcasts or *shiver* Spotify to play your podcasts you should totally give it a try to get a much better experience. Main functionality is free, some additional Pro features can be unlocked with a small annual fee.
Apollo: Puts the default Reddit app to absolute shame. Made by a Halifax-ian and has obvious care put into every feature. Main functionality is free, upgrades are available for a subscription or a one-time Ultra unlock.
Hopefully some of these are new and interesting for you! In my reading list this week I’ve got:
Here’s a photo from my staycation to sign off for the week!

Looking down on Osoyoos, British Columbia
Looking down on Osoyoos, British Columbia
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Robin Monks
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